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Hardship Assistance

Here at the Broken Hill Community Credit Union (BHCCU) we focus on making sure we lend responsibly, however we understand that your circumstances can change and place you in financial hardship.

These circumstances may include:
– Unemployment
– Reduced working hours
– Relationship breakdown
– Injury or illness
– Unfortunate financial choices

COVID-19 Loan Relief Package

Should you believe that you may be unable to meet your BHCCU loan or overdraft repayments due to any one of these circumstances or for anything else that life may throw at you, please contact us as soon as possible, the best thing you can do is take action.

We encourage all members to consider our financial hardship service. By allowing us to work with you, we can make an assessment of the best way to assist you and your family. We will always be open and committed to discussing the best options available.

The type of assistance available varies depending on individual needs and circumstances, but may include:
– Tailored repayment arrangements
– Deferred or reduced repayments
– Extending the term of the loan contract
– Referral to external financial counselling services

If you wish to apply for financial hardship assistance or just wish to discuss your current financial circumstances please call into our office or contact us using the details below. Our experienced member service consultants will quickly respond to your request.

Member Service Consultant – Collections
PO Box 294, Broken Hill NSW 2880
Ph: 08 8088 2199
Fax: 08 8087 6730


Important Note: For BHCCU to consider your request for Financial Hardship Assistance, we may require supporting documentation such as income or medical certificates. We will only seek information that is necessary.