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Everyone moves through life at their own pace, but at BHCCU we realise that there are some stages that just about all of us go through sooner or later.

Whether you’re opening your first bank account, buying a car or a house, or planning your retirement, we have everything you need to handle the financial side of things, all in the one place, and right here in Broken Hill.

To help you improve your personal finances, we have included a range of practical guides. This includes managing credit, basic budgeting, guides on how to purchase a home or car, and information on insurance and wealth creation.

Dollars & Cents: A Practical Guide to Budgeting & Saving
Credit Wise: A Practical Guide to Getting & Managing Credit
Wheels: A Practical Guide to Buying a Car
Bricks & Mortar: A Practical Guide to Buying Property
Lock & Key: A Practical Guide to Protecting Yourself & Your Assets
Golden Egg: A Practical Guide to Wealth Creation

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