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There have been some recent changes to contactless payments. Contactless payments, i.e. payWave, have up until now been processed as a ‘CR’ or Visa transaction, which has meant no charge to you as the customer.

However, a merchant now has the choice on how contactless transactions are processed via their terminal. This is known as least-cost routing and means that contactless transactions could be routed through eftpos if that is a cheaper channel for the merchant.

If a merchant chooses their contactless payments to go through eftpos, as opposed to Visa, this may be a chargeable transaction to you (please refer to the BHCCU Relationship Rewards schedule).
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Take control over how your contactless transactions are processed.
The best way to ensure that a transaction processed with your Visa Debit Card remains ‘fee free’* is to use your Digital Wallet (Apple Pay / Google Pay / Samsung Pay), or insert your card into the terminal, press ‘CR’ and enter your PIN. By ensuring that your transactions are processed via the Visa channel, you also retain Visa’s Zero Liability protection, something that eftpos does not offer.

We have already started to see changes in this area with Coles Group (Westfarmers) now routing contactless (payWave) Visa Debit Card transactions via eftpos. This commenced during October 2019.

The impact to you, our customers, will depend on the Relationship that you have with BHCCU as member loyalty is also rewarded through Excess Fee exemptions where customers have loans/overdrafts, insurance, financial planning, or maintain certain savings and investment balances with BHCCU.

Also, we have included information below on how you can add your BHCCU Visa Debit Card to your Digital Wallet to ensure that your contactless transactions remain fee-free.

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* This excludes ‘CR’ transaction with cash-out.
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