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The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd is committed to providing a secure banking environment for our members and we want to share some helpful hints regarding security & fraud with you. When followed, these tips will help minimise the risk of fraud and help keep your finances safe.

General Security Tips

  • Always check your statements and report any unauthorised transactions to The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd on (08) 8088 2199.
  • Notify the Credit Union when you change your address
  • Sign new credit/debit cards immediately upon receipt
  • Destroy old cards once they have expired
  • Memorise you PIN (Personal Identification Number), do not keep this with your card
  • Report lost/stolen cards, chequebooks, immediately
  • Do not disclose your PIN/Password or confidential details to any person. Credit Union staff will not call you to ask for these details.
  • Do not disclose your personal or account information over the phone.

Credit & Debit Cards

  • Keep your credit or debit card in sight during a transaction
  • EFTPOS receipts should be kept secure. Destroy them if not needed
  • PINs should be kept secure
  • Always memorise your PIN and never keep it with your card
  • Don’t tell anyone your PIN, not even The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd staff
  • When using your credit card to make purchases via the Internet, only deal with well known/reputable companies. Ensure a padlock symbol appears in the right hand bottom corner of the web site . This indicates a secure environment.

Using ATMs

  • Ensure that no one can observe you entering your PIN when using an ATM
  • Be discreet when withdrawing cash at an ATM
  • If you believe an ATM has been tampered with, do not use it and advise The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd on (08) 8088 2199 or visit our office.


  • Keep your chequebook in a safe and secure place
  • Never pre-sign cheques
  • When posting cheques in the mail, cross the cheque “Not Negotiable” and where possible, send it in a plain envelope, not a window faced envelope
  • Do not use pencil to write your cheques. Use a pen or felt tip pen
  • Corporate cheques should not be considered as good as cash

Internet Banking

Fake websites and emails can trick you into providing your personal details. By taking the following precautions you will minimise the risks.

  • Only use PINs or passwords at official websites.
  • We will not ask for your personal information by email so be wary of any requests of this nature. If in doubt contact us.
  • If you think someone may have obtained your personal information without your consent contact us immediately.
  • Fake websites can be mirror images of real sites.

Identity Theft

The most common method of obtaining your personal information is via your letterbox or garbage bin.

To avoid this occurring:

  • Keep your letterbox locked.
  • Tear up personal information before throwing it out.
  • Do not provide personal information to unknown telephone callers.
  • Only carry necessary personal information. Leave your passport, birth certificate and any other ID at home or safe keeping wherever possible.

If you have been subjected to any of the events described above, please report the matter to The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd or contact us on (08) 8088 2199.