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Savings Accounts

Transaction Account

With a BHCCU transaction account, it’s all about giving you access to your money when you need it. Manage your account online and transact at point of sale with your VISA debit or rediCard. more

Online eCall Savings Account

Now you can have your money earning interest without being tied up. It’s your money and you can access it whenever you like. more

Santa Saver Account

Christmas is always just around the corner. Fun, festivity and gifts all come at a price. Time to start saving. BHCCU can help prepare with a Santa Saver Account. more

Monthly Managed Savings Account

Whatever your savings goal, with our Monthly Managed Savings Account we’ll help you save by only allowing withdrawals over the counter when you give us notice.* more

Passbook Account

This account is for over the counter use only. When you open this account, you’ll receive a passbook, which our staff will update for all your over the counter transactions. more