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New Payment Platforms

BHCCU is participating in an industry wide initiative by introducing the New Payments Platform or NPP – a fast and simple way to send and receive money. As a BHCCU customer you can send and receive Real Time Payments between participating financial institutions and create your PayID.

What is NPP?

The New Payments Platform (NPP) is owned and operated by NPP Australia Limited.

Historically it can take 24 – 48 hours for money to move from one bank account to another. BHCCU is connecting to the New Payments Platform to help make payments faster and simpler.

NPP Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayID?

PayID is an alternative way to address payments. You can use this instead of remembering or sharing your BSB and account number. A PayID can be a mobile number or email address, and for businesses can also be an ABN or Organisation ID. PayID provides a simpler way to get paid.

Simply link a PayID to your account when you register via internet banking or banking app.

If you need to pay someone who has also registered for PayID, you’ll only need their PayID e.g. mobile phone number, to transfer money directly into their bank account.

You can only link one account to your PayID. However, you can have more than one PayID linked to your account.

PayID Faqs

Information to Create and Use PayID

What is Osko?

Osko provides a faster way to get paid.

Simply give your PayID to someone so they can transfer money to you – the money is transferred within a minute with Osko.

It’s a great way for friends to pay you back quickly, for example if you cover the bill at lunch and need to receive a payment from a friend. When you receive a payment, you’ll see who’s sent you the money and their accompanying message.

If you don’t want to use a PayID, you can still use BSB 802377 and your account number to receive Osko payments.

Osko Faqs

Guide to Making Osko Payments

Bringing your PayID and Osko together:

Fast: Make and receive payments in real-time 24/7, 365.

Informative: Include up to 280 characters (including emoji’s) to describe who is getting paid and why.

Simple: Share an easy to remember PayID (e.g. mobile number, email or ABN) when you want to get paid, instead of BSB and account number.

Smart: With PayID, automatically see the name of the person it’s registered to before confirming payment.

Secure: Payments can only be authorised within internet banking and banking app.


Changes to our Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use for Osko Payments:

We have updated our Account & Access Facilities Conditions of Use incorporating Customer Terms for Osko payments, namely:

Section 23 ‘Using Osko’

Section 24 ‘ Processing Osko Payments’

Section 25 ‘ Scheduled & Recurring Osko Payments’

Section 27 ‘ Authority to Recover Mistaken or Misdirected Payments’

The most significant change is Section 27 where you authorise us to recover mistaken or misdirected payments made to your account and return the payment to the payer.

Please note that you will be bound by these changes when you make your first Osko Payment.