Background BHCCU

What We Do

A Credit Union is a Financial Institution owned by, and run for the benefit of, its Members. In a Credit Union people with a common connection, (Community), join together and organise their financial affairs as a group. This enables them to gain advantages, and access services, as part of the group, that they would not be able to enjoy as individuals.

The members elect a voluntary Board of Directors from the main body of members to oversee the running of the Credit Union, and they put the necessary structures in place to deliver the required services.

The main services of all Credit Unions are the provision of savings and loans and by doing this with our own “pool” of funds this can be done in a very efficient way, giving great value to members.

Credit Unions operate to a very high set of ethical principles which require that all members are treated with respect and dignity, no matter how much, or little they have saved or borrowed.