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Money Transfers

Telegraphic Transfers

A Telegraphic Transfer (also known as a “Wire”) is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to a beneficiary’s overseas bank account.

Telegraphic Transfers are normally used to directly credit accounts overseas, and are a quicker method of sending funds than drafts.

If you are looking to transfer funds from overseas to BHCCU via Telegraphic Transfer, you will need to provide the following information:

Beneficiary Bank:

Cuscal Limited, 1 Margaret Street, SYDNEY  NSW  2000 AUSTRALIA

Cuscal Limited Swift Code:


Domestic Bank/ Branch Identifier (BSB):

802 377

Credit Union Name:

The Broken Hill Community Credit Union Ltd

Beneficiary Account Number:

Transaction account number – 377 (max 9 digits) – (Member’s 377 account number)

Beneficiary Account Name:

Member’s name

Intermediary Bank Swift Code:


Call us on (08) 8088 2199 for more information.




Drafts are the cheapest form of sending money overseas and can be sent by mail. The receiver generally has to pay the draft into an account, and it may take a few days to clear.

Call us on (08) 8088 2199 for more information.