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SMS Banking

SMS (Short Message Service) is an ideal way for mobile phone users to access account information quickly and cost effectively. Your credit union offers an SMS system that will send you the information you need when you need it.

What is SMS Banking?

SMS Banking allows you to receive account information by SMS to your mobile phone. There are 2 ways you can do this:

1. Alerts – we will SMS you when your pay comes in or whenever a nominated event occurs. You can nominate to receive an SMS alert when you receive a Direct Credit/Debit, regular scheduled balance advice (e.g. every second Thursday at 10 am) or account balance above or below a set amount.

2. Request – you SMS us for information about your account. Once your registration is confirmed you can SMS us on 0429 882 199 from your mobile phone, with the appropriate message and we will SMS the requested information from the following options:

Short Command Description

B Returns the balance of your top 5 listed accounts.
B(n) Returns the balance of your (n)th account. eg. B4 will return the balance of your fourth listed account.
T(n) Returns the transactions of your (n)th account. eg. T4 will return transactions for your fourth listed account.
TXC(n) Returns Transaction Listing – Credits only Starting from first or (n)th account.
TXD(n) Returns Transaction Listing – Debits only Starting from first or (n)th account.
I(n) Returns Interest Earned/Paid YTD and Previous Year.
H Help – Returns a predefined SMS message
C Call Me – Sends an email to the Credit Union to call member during office hours.

If you are not an SMS Banking user call us on (08) 8088 2199 to activate this service. Alternatively, if you are an Internet Banking user you can add/change/delete your SMS Banking Service.

For members using a smartphone our Smart Banking solution is an advanced option for you to access your accounts.