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St. Pat's Race – 50th Anniversary

Saturday afternoon saw some exciting events at the St. Pat’s Race Track! There were some beautiful ponies strutting their stuff… and some of the horses were magnificent as well. The beautiful people of Broken Hill and much further afield were out in their best – hats, gloves, sequins, feathers, as well as the odd singlet and shorts. All in all it was a fun day with stunning weather.

Our esteemed representative, the delightfully scruffy Sandman, was in the thick of the action on Official Fashion Business. Resplendent in a burnt red cravat and crisp white shirt, he certainly added a certain ‘je nes sais quoi’ to the judging team with his light-hearted on-stage antics.

There was elation, there were tears, and some very proud runners-up showing off their sashes. We look forward to next year to see what our very creative and stylish race-goers bring to the table!