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Secure SMS on Registration:

We have extended Secure SMS to include Banking App. This request will only occur when you register your device. 


New Destination Payments

With the inclusion of Secure SMS you can now process New Destination payments that include Pay Member, Pay Anyone and BPAY.

Scheduled Payments

In addition to viewing all of your scheduled payments (periodical payments), you can also create a scheduled payment. Your payment options include pay now, pay later and recurring.

Pay Later – future dated payment


 Recurring – set frequency, start date and when to end. For end date you can choose never (until further notice), or select number of payments. Then Confirm and Schedule.

mob-bank-app_sched-pay_02mob-bank-app_sched-pay_03 To view scheduled payments select ‘Scheduled’ from the Menu.


Press on Payment to view more information. This will allow you to view or alter payment details.


To cancel payment swipe left and Delete (Android users press payment and hold for delete option)



 Alerts are a great way to stay up to date with your account activity.

 To Register select Alerts from Menu:

mob-bank-app_alerts_01mob-bank-app_alerts_02Add mobile number and select Mobile / email preference. Select account to deduct SMS fees from and Register. If we don’t have your email address you can add it via internet banking or call us on 8088 2199. 


TIP: If you have an email address, once Registered go back into Alert Settings and deselect Mobile number and Submit changes. This will provide Alerts via email only and NO fees apply. SMS fees apply to Alerts sent to a Mobile Number. Refer to Fees and Charges schedule on our website for more information.




You can then start to select the events that you would like to be notified of. These include:

General Alerts
Direct Credit received
Direct Debit processed


These will alert you whenever a direct credit is received or direct debit is processed across your membership.

Account Alerts

Balance Threshold – Account balance goes above or below set thresholds

Scheduled Balance – Receive a regular balance update at a predetermined time / frequency. For example, every day at 2:01pm


Select which Account you would like to set Alerts for


Balance Threshold:


Enable Alert and set your preferred Low and High balance. You will be notified when your balance falls outside of these thresholds.

TIP: By setting Low Balance to $0.01, this may assist you in proactively managing your account/s to ensure you can correct balance if you happen to go overdrawn.     

Scheduled Balance:


Overview of Account Alerts:


Number next to account balance indicates number of active Account Alerts


Card Alerts

This is a new feature. You can now be alerted when transactions are processed using your Visa Debit Card. A great way for you to proactively monitor your card related activity. This includes payWave, online transactions, purchases and ATM withdrawals


Select card:


Select the card alert/s for the type of transactions you would like to be notified of:

payWave – contactless transactions
ATM Withdrawal
Credit Card – these are purchases using CR and online transactions
eftpos – these are purchases using SAV or CHQ 

There are two Alert options for each of the above transaction types:

Alert for any activity for these transactions.


Alert if predetermined threshold is exceeded.           


Number underneath the payWave symbol indicates number of active Card Alerts


TIP: Card Alerts are a great way for you to manage card activity. Set-up payWave and credit card alerts, as these transaction may not require your PIN to be entered and in some cases your card being present. This will ensure you are aware of any unauthorised use.

Locate Us

Find your nearest rediATM. Great tool to use when travelling to find an ATM close to you. Enable your phones Location Service or use the search function by entering suburb or postcode.

Results based on current location


Use search feature by Suburb or Postcode


List option


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