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PayExpress – Online Payment Service

PayExpress is Cuscal’s electronic direct credit service. It’s the smart way for your business to make payments electronically. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s economical to run. Your business can benefit by saving time, saving money and improving cash flow management.

With PayExpress you can pay supplier bills and take care of staff payroll – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No cheques, no faxes and no waiting. PayExpress instructions that are successfully submitted to Cuscal by 3.00pm AEST are credited to the payee’s account at any financial institution within Australia by 9am the next business day or on nominated payday. All at a fraction of the cost of writing cheques or sending faxed instructions.

Features and benefits

Reduce cost. Make payments via PayExpress and eliminate the costs associated with using cheques, stationery and mailing.

Reduce time. PayExpress will simplify the accounting process and decrease the time spent on processing payments.

It’s easy to use. Access PayExpress online from your computer 24/7. There is no software to install or later upgrade. Telephone support is available for your convenience.

Secure system. All PayExpress transactions are protected using a secure SSL connection with 128-bit encryption certificate – the same security standard demanded by all major financial institutions worldwide.

How does PayExpress work?

When you make an electronic credit payment using PayExpress, the payment instructions are transmitted in an encrypted format directly to Cuscal.

Cuscal processes the direct credit transaction by withdrawing the amount from your nominated business account and depositing it into the payee’s account. All transfers are done electronically. Cuscal acts only as a hub for your payment instructions.

Who is Cuscal?

Cuscal is Australia’s leading provider of transactional banking, liquidity and capital management products and provides one of the largest ATM networks across Australia.
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