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VISA Debit

Want to access your money wherever and whenever you want? With a BHCCU VISA Debit card you get the convenience of making purchases or withdrawing cash wherever VISA is accepted. This includes online, telephone, mail order, in-store purchases and ATM withdrawals in Australia and overseas.

Account holders can regularly review transaction history via Internet Banking, Smart Banking or monthly account statements.

Simply request a VISA Debit Card and you’ll have an account that delivers a whole lot more.*

Payments made easy

Use VISA Debit to pay for your business expenses and purchases. Payments can be made wherever VISA is accepted. By quoting your card number and expiry date, you can also pay your bills over the phone and via the Internet. It’s cheaper and quicker than operating a Cheque Book.

VISA Debit Card features

  • Automatically deduct funds from your business account. No need to write a cheque, show identification, or wait for cheque approvals.
  • No need to carry extra cash or keep a lot of petty cash on hand with millions of acceptance locations worldwide.
  • Get authorisation for immediate shipment of any mail, phone, or Internet orders.
  • Daily limits are set on purchases and cash withdrawals to protect accounts from fraud.
  • Reduce the need to use personal funds for business purchases.
  • Receive monthly statements for easy account reconciliation. Or, view transactions online with free internet banking.
  • No annual card fee.

Safe and secure

Just by using the ‘credit’ button at an EFTPOS terminal you can protect yourself against fraudulent transactions. VISA Debit Cards are monitored 24/7 by our Fraud Bureau Monitoring service.

Verified by Visa

Verified by Visa is a new service that’s free and provides you with extra protection and security when you use your BHCCU VISA Debit card to purchase from participating online retailers.

*Please note: BHCCU VISA Debit Card can only be linked to an account with one signature requirement.