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VISA Debit

A BHCCU VISA Debit card gives you the convenience of shopping with your money, plus you also have the ability to shop securely; online, over the phone and even overseas! Our VISA Debit card is just like using your own cash – it’s the simple and convenient way to pay, and is accepted wherever your see the VISA logo.

VISA Debit cards feature a ‘smart chip’ – the new global standard in card security that lets you shop even more securely. The microchip is virtually impossible to copy, giving you maximum protection against counterfeiting, card skimming and other fraud.


  • 24/7 card monitoring service
  • Highest level of card security
  • Save on transaction fees by selecting the ‘CREDIT’ button for purchases
  • Shop securely online, over the phone and overseas using your own money
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Access at over 30 million locations in 150 countries
  • ATM & EFTPOS access
  • No annual card fee
  • No direct charge fee at rediATM branded ATM machines.

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