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Online eCall Savings Account

Saving money has never been easier. Now you can have your money earning interest without being tied up. It’s your money and you can access it whenever you like. That’s convenience and it’s from your credit union.


  • Tiered Variable Interest Rates
  • No minimum balance
  • Funds are ‘at-call’ – no fixed term
  • Interest calculated daily and paid monthly
  • Accessible via Online Banking 24hrs a day
  • Linked to your Transaction Account
  • No transaction or account keeping fees by using Online Banking
  • Ability to set up a regular savings plan and deposit salary and other funds directly into your eCall Savings Account

No over the counter transactions or services are permitted.


  • eCall Savings is an online account that allows you to do your banking online any time of the day or night, when it suits you.
  • Your money is on call and you can transfer it from your Online eCall Savings Account to your Transaction account when you need it. This maximises your interest earned by allowing you to leave your money in your Online eCall Savings Account until you need it.
  • Because you manage your Online eCall Savings Account yourself you pay no transaction fees or account keeping fees on your account.
  • You can earn interest on every dollar you hold in your eCall Savings Account, there is no minimum amount you have to hold and no minimum deposit you have to make.
  • Interest is paid monthly to your Online eCall Savings Account which allows you to earn interest on your interest.

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